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Welcome to the Swiss database for companies and persons! Here you will find commercial register and credit rating information, which is updated on a daily basis, and much more on Swiss companies, as well as additional information on the networking of authorised signatories.

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Company foundations of 27.08.2014

Vita Finance GmbH, Sursee

Schlössli Ins Verwaltung GmbH, Ins

FS Swiss Real Estate Development Fund - Kommanditgesellschaft für kollektive Kapitalanlagen, Zürich

San-Gym GmbH, Nidau


all company foundations of 27.08.2014

SOGC publications of 01.09.2014

Nadja Elmer by Coiffure 24, Horgen

Auflösung der Firma

Fidugest S.A., Bulle


Philippe Schafer, La Croix-de-Rozon

Auflösung der Firma

Rutishauser Entwicklungen AG, Mollis

Namensänderung, Personen/Zeichnungsberechtigte

Fonds de prévoyance en faveur du personnel des sociétés apparentées à Gonset Holding SA en liquidation, Crissier

Namensänderung, Auflösung der Firma

all SOGC publications of 01.09.2014

Business failures and liquidations of 01.09.2014

elimed clinics holding ag in Liquidation, Buchs

all business failures and liquidations of 01.09.2014
  • 20140108 MON Grafik Konkurse Jahresvergleich 2013 EN

    4536 company bankruptcies in Switzerland in 2013

    While insolvencies rose massively in the Tessin by comparison to the previous year (+26%), they decreased noticeably in south-western Switzerland (-8%). Changes were less pronounced in other regions of Switzerland. The number of company bankruptcies rose by two percent to 4536 cases in all of Switzerland.

  • 20140108 MON Grafik Gründungen Jahresvergleich 2013 EN

    3% more new companies founded in 2013

    Company foundings rose by three percent to a total of 40,509 new companies in 2013 as compared to the previous year. Only central Switzerland had fewer foundings than in the previous year (-2%), while all other regions of Switzerland showed an increase. The greatest growth was in the Tessin again (+14%).

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