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Welcome to the Swiss database for companies and persons! Here you will find commercial register and credit rating information, which is updated on a daily basis, and much more on Swiss companies, as well as additional information on the networking of authorised signatories.

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Most recent reviews

for Kraftmitte Sàrl, Neuchâtel:

"Strategic and responsive company."

Company foundations of 30.06.2015

Chichi Gardens, Ezeokeke Chibuzor, Corsier-sur-Vevey

Fondation Avenir et Santé, Lausanne

yourspirity gmbh, Paspels

BVP Kleinschuster, Wolfhalden

Garage-Carrosserie Schürch SA, Chézard-St-Martin

all company foundations of 30.06.2015

SOGC publications of 03.07.2015

Hundeschule Zürioberland Laura Hauser, Bubikon

Namensänderung, Personen/Zeichnungsberechtigte

Félix Constructions S.A., Denges

Statuten, Kapital

Scheurle & Partner AG, Opfikon

Statuten, Personen/Zeichnungsberechtigte, Kapital

Jeanmonod - Florontine, Neuchâtel

Gründung der Firma, Änderung des Firmenzwecks, Personen/Zeichnungsberechtigte

Swissspital GmbH, Berikon

Firmensitz geändert, Statuten, Personen/Zeichnungsberechtigte

all SOGC publications of 03.07.2015

Business failures and liquidations of 03.07.2015

Gjini's GmbH, Sissach

HSB Fenêtres SA en liquidation, Saillon

Sanibad Plus GmbH, Ettingen

Fröhlicher, Ferrari & Stöckli AG in Liquidation, Solothurn

360 MEDYA INNOVATIVE COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED, Montreal, succursale di Chiasso in liquidazione, Chiasso

all business failures and liquidations of 03.07.2015
  • 20150127 MON Grafik Gründungen Jahresvergleich 2014 EN

    2% more new companies founded in 2014

    In 2014, there was a slight increase of two per cent in new company formations. In total, 41,560 new companies were added to the commercial register. The service provision, hospitality and wholesale industries saw the most new companies founded.

  • 20150127 MON Grafik Konkurse Jahresvergleich 2014 EN

    4,119 bankruptcies in Switzerland in 2014

    In 2014, the number of company insolvencies in Switzerland decreased considerably. This equates to a fall of nine per cent on the previous year. A total of 4,119 companies initiated bankruptcy proceedings due to insolvency. The main industries affected by bankruptcies in 2014 were construction, hospitality and small trades.

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