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Welcome to the Swiss database for companies and persons! Here you will find commercial register and credit rating information, which is updated on a daily basis, and much more on Swiss companies, as well as additional information on the networking of authorised signatories.

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20131220 MON Grafik Konkursstudie November 2013

4'156 Firmen-Insolvenzen in der Schweiz.


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for Microplus Helvetia Fidelity Trust AG, Zürich:

"I need to establish communication with you"

for Fotoemotions Markus Schmed, Schaffhausen:

"Grosse Enttäuschung"

for Tauchschule Froschmänner, Merz Thomas, Rothenburg:

"Sehr unprofessionelle Tauchschule."

for ALCRAL AG, Unterägeri:

"very poor service"

for tosch-cars Schnyder, Buochs:

"DO NOT USE. Poor communication. Acts as an agent for sellers."

SOGC publications of 18.01.2019

Distop GmbH, Oberwil

Firmensitz geändert, Statuten, Personen/Zeichnungsberechtigte

Statuten, Änderung des Firmenzwecks

Firmensitz geändert, Statuten



  • 20180109 MON Grafik Konkurse Jahresvergleich 2017

    4,709 business failures in 2017 – a four percent increase

    In 2017, there were 4,709 bankruptcy openings in Switzerland for insolvent companies. These are four percent or 169 cases more compared to the year before. While the number of company insolvencies declined in Eastern Switzerland (-5%) and in Zurich (-1%), it rose in the other regions of Switzerland. Ticino is particularly negative with an increase in company bankruptcies by eleven percent.

  • 20180109 MON Grafik Gründungen Jahresvergleich 2017

    5% more start-up companies in 2017

    In 2017, the number of companies newly registered in the commercial register increased by 5 percent or 2,057 companies, respectively. In Ticino the number of new registrations fell by eight percent, while those in all other regions of Switzerland increased.

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