WISeKey Suisse SA, en liquidation

WISeKey Suisse SA, en liquidation

Route de Pré Bois 29


    • Rechtsform:

    • Aktiengesellschaft
    • Status:

    • inaktiv

    • Kapitalisierung:

    • CHF 100'000
    • Gründungsjahr:

    • 2002

    • Bisnode ID:

    • 1753422

    • D-U-N-S® Nr.:

    • 48-197-9107

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    • Handelsregistereintrag:

    • 27.09.2002

    • Rechtlicher Sitz:

    • 1217 Meyrin

    • HR-Nummer:

    • CH-

    • UID:

    • CHE-109.909.667

    • HR-Amt:

    • Kanton Genf

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Firmennamen & Kontakt

    • Aktueller Firmenname:

    • WISeKey Suisse SA, en liquidation

    • Aktuelle Adresse:

    • Route de Pré Bois 29

      1216 Cointrin

    • Ehemalige Namen:

    • WISeKey Suisse SA (bis 19.07.2017)

      SWISSe Trust SA (bis 18.08.2005)


    • Firmenzweck:

    • Développement et vente de technologie informatique de produits de sécurité informatique et portefeuilles de services, par la recherche, le développement et les relations de partenariat et de sous-traitance, dont l'objectif est l'élargissement de l'utilisation de ces produits et services.

    • Branche(n):

    • Programmierungstätigkeiten

      Grosshandel mit elektronischen Bauteilen und Telekommunikationsgeräten

      Erbringung von Beratungsleistungen auf dem Gebiet der Informationstechnologie

      Datenverarbeitung, Hosting und damit verbundene Tätigkeiten

    • NOGA 2008:

    • 620100, 465200, 620200, 631100


WISeKey reports continued growth in the first half of 2017 with consolidated (unaudited) preliminary revenue of approximately USD20 million


WISeKey International Holding Ltd (“WISeKey” or the “Company”) (SIX:WIHN), a leading Swiss cybersecurity and IoT company, announced today that it is continuing its top and bottom line growth, started after the listing of the Company’s Class B Shares on the SIX Swiss Exchange on 31 March, 2016. Since then, WISeKey has achieved significant milestones in the implementation of its vision and strategy to become a global leading Vertical Cybersecurity Platform company by integrating Root of Trust, eIDS, IoT, AI and Blockchain to provide unique end-to-end services to its clients.

WISeKey’s strategy to evolve into a major player on the IoT, Cybersecurity, AI and Blockchain market implies a constant evaluation of potential add-on acquisitions, development of new IP and patents. In just one year, WISeKey has aggregated over 46 patent families (more than 200 patents in total) to its portfolio (https://www.wisekey.com/patents/) required to integrate the OISTE/WISeKey Root of Trust into IoT embedded devices with problem-solving Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) solutions. For WISeKey, adding to its patent portfolio and intellectual property is key to ensuring that the company will remain a major player in the “DeepTech” for years to come. Its patent portfolio allows WISeKey to distinguish itself from other companies that use commonly available technology; WISeKey focuses on integrating unique technology that is differentiated, protected and hard to reproduce based on tangible scientific discoveries or engineering innovations.

The new patents cover a range of technologies for IoT and semiconductors, particularly those that help make enterprise-level computing services more trusted, reliable and secure. The most notable patent acquisition by WISeKey on IoT and semiconductors happened in 2016 when the company purchased 17 new IoT patents from Inside Secure, which at the time allowed WISeKey to create the first ever comprehensive trusted end-to-end cybersecurity platform for people and objects (IoT). Following this acquisition, WISeKey’s cybersecurity offerings includes certified hardware & software, system certification, provisioning and up to management of cybersecurity services.

This new strategy has allowed WISeKey to significantly increase its revenue from USD1.3 million reported in the H1 2016 and USD11.6 million consolidated revenues for FY2016, to approximately USD20 million (unaudited) preliminary revenue in H1 2017. Over 2/3 of the H1 2017 revenues were generated by the newly acquired IoT Cybersecurity business which has become the fastest growing business segment of the Company, a trend which is expected to continue for the rest of 2017.

During the last 12 months WISeKey has increased its global workforce in all geographic regions and businesses. Headcount grew from 15 employees in June 2016 to 180 in June 2017.

Focus area of investments and fastest growing segment for WISeKey this year is the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Revenues generated by this segment continues to increase due to the new generation of IoT Chips, sensor-based identification, authentication and data and creating AI for analytically rich data sets. What has emerged during the first half of 2017, is only a glimpse into how the IoT and IIoT technology used in solving complex logistics, manufacturing, services and supply chain problems, can deliver the most value for WISeKey.

Following the successful establishment of several joint ventures in emerging markets such as India and Argentina, WISeKey continuously explores opportunities to expand geographically, especially in high growth Cybersecurity markets such as China and the USA and is working on establishing WISeKey joint ventures to operate under WISeKey’s National Root of Trust including a localization of the technology in these markets. Of note, WISeKey India is already working in expanding the reach of WISeKey AI project, WISeAI, by integrating the WISeKey Indian Root of Trust and IoT embedded devices with problem-solving AI solution into WISeKey’s Vertical Platform.

During 2017 WISeKey has also expanded into Blockchain and AI with the establishment on Center of Excellency in India, USA, Argentina, Switzerland and China. Via these Centers of Excellence, WISeKey is cooperating with local participating companies, on building points of view, proof of concepts, policies, educational materials including addressing all the distributed ledger capabilities across different Blockchain schemes (public, consortium and private), with industry verticalization and domain specialization (IoT, AI, encrypted transactions, messaging, etc.), underpinned by the best underlying technologies from startups, our key partners and from the community.

Another important area of development for 2017 is the use of AI at the chip level together with the WISeKey RoT which allows IoT to provide authenticated sensor data. Current IoT data do not provide value for their manufacturers unless it can be converted into actionable, contextualized information generated by IoT sensors fully identifiable. The majority of IoT devices are not built with embedded secured systems thus are very vulnerable to hackers. By integrating AI into the WISeKey RoT and Vertical Platform, objects can develop their own cybersecurity behavior, thus making smarter and safer decisions. IoT objects with this technology will learn from attacks, defend themselves and transfer this intelligence via the WISekey Vertical Platform to other IoT objects peer to peer using a Blockchain.

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