Accurate translations, text services and interpreting for companies

If you want to acquire new customers and build long-term business relationships, you need texts and translations that hit the nail right on the head when it comes to your target group. Your target market can be reached only when the tone and style of your brochure or website is customised to accurately match the intended contact group.

Whether it is corporate documents, brochures, websites, instructions or an interpreting assignment – at TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. you will receive translation and text services with a quality and best-price guarantee. We have around 450 translators and text professionals working for us under contract. Each of them is specialised in one of over 20 subject areas and writes in or translates into their mother tongue. This guarantees not only error-free translations but also spot-on cultural adaptation so that your texts hit the bull's-eye among your target group. In order to fulfil the exacting requirements of SMEs and large corporations, we have developed a special quality assurance process that is tailored to the needs of our customers and included in the price: All texts and translations are given a secondary proofreading by a mother-tongue professor or university lecturer, when possible. This guarantees the highest quality possible for your translation.

Transparent prices available in 20 seconds

At TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. you can choose the price you want. The costs for our services are calculated based on the delivery deadline and the number of characters in the text. A five-day delivery deadline, for example, is cheaper than an express translation delivered in three hours. We guarantee that you will not be able to find a translation or text service with the same quality from any other translation company in Switzerland for the same price. If you do, we will reimburse you the difference in price.

Would you like to know how much your translation with a quality guarantee will cost? Find out in just 20 seconds with our price calculator. You can also send us an e-mail with the text to be translated, or give us a call to receive tailored advice at 0840 123 456.

Attractive discount

Why pay more elsewhere? All monetas customers can profit from a 5% discount per order when they place an order for a translation or text service with TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. via